Polres bangkalan ungkap curanmor

Polres bangkalan ungkap curanmor

1. Mio nk.MH35TL0068K975987, NSN.5TL976585.
2.Yupiter Nk.MH35TP0014K112192, NSN.5TP112846.
3.S SOGHUN, NK.- ,NSN.F403ID693884.
4. Y YFITER, NK. -, NSN.2P2056344.
5. H REVO, NK. -, NSN.HB62E1551773.
6. Y VEGA, NK. -, NSN.4D7620527.
7. H KHARISMA, NK. -,NSN.JB21E1286213
8. Y VEGA NK.-, NSN.4D7344507.
9. Y MIO NK.MH328D305AK309740, NSN.28D2306959.
10. Y YUFITER NK.MH32P20016K283508, NSN.2P2282038.
11. SOGHUN NK.-, NSN.2P2601495.
12. YUPITER Z NK.-,NSN.2P2601495.
13. SHOFUN NK.MH8FD110X2J100779, NSN.E401ID105308.
14. S SMASH NK.MH8FD110C4J687907, NSN.E402ID683706.
15. YUFITER Z NK.MH32P20026K045124, NSN.2P2046790.
16. SATRIA F NK.MH8BG41CABJ525710, NSN.420ID585694.
17. VEGA R NK.-,NSN.4D7131872.
18. H SUPRA NK.-, NSN.HB21E1444247.
19. VEGA R NK.-, NSN.07027851.
20. VEGA R NK.MH4D70028J72663, NSN.4D7742392.
21. MIO NK.MH314D0028K271211, NSN.14D271199.
22. Y VIX ON NK.MH33C1004AK353505, NSN.3C1354544.
23. H VARIO NK.-,NSN.JF2E1407576.
24. H VARIO NK.-,NSN.JF3E0021175.
25. H GL PRO NK.MH1UADD131K032597, NSN.UABDE1032501.
26. YUFITER MX NK.MH32S60027K339931, NSN.2S6339900.
27. SHOGUN NK.MH8FD125X5J513165, NSN.403ID513557.
28. YUFITER Z NK.MH32P20016K118441, NSN.2P2118277.
29. YUFITER Z NK.-,NSN.2P2778944.

Yg merasa memiliki kendaraan tsb hub polres bangkalan..!!!

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